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Drunk Dial

Drunk Dial

Drunk Dial Hotline

You've been out drinking all night and you find that urge to call someone. You know its a bad idea and calling that ex of yours will only lead to more restraining orders. Well SIDT is here to help! We want YOU to drunk dial US!

Introducing the Should I Drink That Drunk Dial hotline! Simply call us and say whatever you want! We understand that you need someone to talk to so give your favorite craft beer guys a call.

It's simple:

  1. call 412.223.7438 (SIDT)
  2. wait for the message
  3. talk
  4. hangup

Add that number to your phone book. Heck, make it a speed dial!

Here are samples from our favorite calls
Drunk groom the night before his wedding. (NSFW)

What happens when you die, rationalized by a drunk guy. (NSFW)

All phone calls are recorded and will be used on an upcoming broadcast. This is completely uncensored so say whatever you want.

Drink - Dial - Talk