Episode 91

067 – Steel City Big Pour 4

September 27th, 2010

1 hr 18 mins 29 secs

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Terrapin’s Monk’s Revenge, Founder’s Looking Glass

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Welcome to Big Pour 4 | Roundtable with Matt from Voodoo, Sean and Mark from Full Pint brewing | Naming issues with the feds | About Full Pint Brewing | Trapped under Eisbock coming soon from Voodoo Brewing | More insight to PA’s messed up liquor laws from a brewer’s perspective | Jim Hick’s from Erie Brewing | SIDT / EBC / Voodoo collaboration beer | Dave Lagnese, chief instigator and organizer for Big Pour 4 | Jay from Stone Brewing | Stone MustardGate and 10-10-10 | Finding balance in craft beer | Dustin with Terrapin, Jim from Wilson-McGinley and John from Founders | Terrapin’s Monks Revenge | Founder’s Looking Glass | Drunk dialing some guy named Sed | What’s in your malt?

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Things we learned:
Yeast is the magic stuff

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