About this Episode

The ONLY craft beer podcast with a back to back review of Vertical Epic 05 and 06.


Stone Vertical Epic 05-05-05 & 06-06-06, Biere d’Art.

Show Notes

  • Vertical Epic 05-05-05
  • sickpuppy finishes the 3 Sons 80 Beers Passport List
  • beer nuts vs SIDT episodes explained… again
  • stats! stats! stats! and the SIDT moblog
  • sickpuppy has flashbacks from drinking Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt
  • Vertical Epic 06-06-06
  • Heavyweight Brewing Biere d’Art
  • Christine Hayley art
  • a special gift for sickpuppy
  • Groundhog Festival and spoon speaks the truth about Phil while sickpuppy tells PETA where to stick it.
  • Pittsburgh slaughterhouse


Vertical Epic 05-05-05 | Vertical Epic 06-06-06 | Vertical Epic Website | Biere d’Art | Christine Hayley Art | Bomber Girl | Arcadia Shipwreck Porter | SIDT on You Tube

Things we learned

  • we like to drink
  • sickpuppy doesn’t like art
  • the outtakes are being buried in a vault deep underground.

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