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Indigo Imp Jester, Thirsty Dog Double Hopped Hoppus Maximus, Avery Dépuceleuse, Birrificio Montegioco Draco

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Welcome to Vintage Estate! Number 1 beer store IN THE WORLD! | Phill Reda | Indigo Imp Jester | Firkin Friday with Thirsty Dog’s Double Hopped Hoppus Maximus | Bob makes the Hop Candy | Avery Dépuceleuse | About VE and how it got started | over 800 beers and 1000 wines available! | Andrea needs a beer | Birrificio Montegioco Draco | The Big Tap In

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Vintage Estate | Indigo Imp | Indigo Imp Jester | Video of the Thirsty Dog’s Double Hopped Hoppus Maximus | Avery Dépuceleuse | Birrificio Montegioco Draco | Big Tap In | Photos from this episode!

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“Number 1 beer store in the world” and well deserving of the title!

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