Episode 84

060 – Piper’s Pub show: Green Beer is for Wankers

March 9th, 2010

57 mins 5 secs

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North Country Firehouse Red, Magners Cider, Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

We’ve gone Spinal Tap
We ended up recording in the new Piper’s Pub construction zone next door but for a great reason. We started at the main bar and then the soccer crowds came and jammed the place.

Show Notes

Welcome to Pipers Pub! | About Pipers | Ploughman’s Platter | Ranch the preferred cologne of Western PA | Scotch Eggs | Buy Local! | North Country Firehouse Red (on cask) | Get firkin! | Magnus Cider | Lamb and Chestnut Shepherd’s Pie | Who to save when the apocalypse comes | Dogfish Head Chicory Stout | EXCLUSIVE! First word on the new Piper’s Pub expansion | We’re not a coffee shop but we have free wifi! | If you walk out on a check be ready for bloody knuckles | beige people FTW! | UFC Fighting PPV = Wife beater pollution | We open when the soccer is on | PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE features “Should I Drink That” in March 2010 issue!

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Things we learned:

Piper’s Pub should be on every beer tour list. Kickass food, rockin beers and the staff will blow you away with hospitality. Plus the Shepherd’s Pie will give you a foodgasm! This is the home of European greatness!

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