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Hiding Nocis Passion Fruit, Oatsnbrau Nightmare on Hop Street, Greg’s Hop Shortage Pale Ale, Brunetti Brewing DaleStone IPA, JP’s Great Pumpkin Ale, Lance’s Smoked Wit by God

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Brewing Up A Cure | John Ciroli | Mr. Baconpants recaps the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour | Contest winner Erin breaks her beer fest virginity | Shane Terrick | Bill Oates | Nightmare on Hop Street | Greg Brooks | Greg’s Hop Shortage Pale Ale | CONTEST TIME! | Brunetti Brewing | DaleStone IPA | JP McCarty | JP’s Great Pumpkin Ale | Lance Harbison | Lance smoked wit by God | Amanda FINALLY gets her chance to talk on SIDT after years of heckling | Justin from Voodoo Brewing talks about upcoming brews and the Blue Canoe | Thanks to all for coming out and supporting TRUB and CF!

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Brewing Up A Cure | T.R.U.B. | Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | Mr. Baconpants | Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour Recap | Should I Brew That | CONTEST TIME | Voodoo Brewing

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Drinking for a great cause makes you a better person!

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