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Samuel Adams Imperial White, Samuel Adams Double Bock, Samuel Adams Imperial Stout, Shane’s Schwarzbier, Shane’s House Pale Ale

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Welcome Shane Terrick from TRUB | Brewing Up a Cure | Spoon has spawned! | DuckRabbit Brewery hits the Pittsburgh market | Samuel Adams Imperial White | Samuel Adams Double Bock | Death of classic movie quotes | Sound off on selling beer at Wegmans grocery stores in PA | Who’s your secret crush? | sickpuppy starts his own podcast | Samuel Adams Imperial Stout | Beer Wars The Movie | Two Beer Queers | Shane’s Schwarzbier | Green beer pisses us off | First ever LIVE homebrewing online | Shane’s House Pale Ale

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TRUB | Brewing Up A Cure | Samuel Adams | Sam Adams Imperial Series | Beer Wars Movie | Two Beer Queers | Mr. Trav’s Homebrewing Extravaganza | Photos from this episode

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Diane Sawyer makes Spoon frisky, sickpuppy loves Jennifer Tilly and Shane brews great beer.

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