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Lindemans Framboise, Lindemans Pomme, Lindemans Pêche, Lindemans Kriek, Valley Vineyards Honey Mead, Chaucer’s Cellars Honey Mead

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Welcome Jenda and Rachel! | Lindemans Framboise | Lindemans Pomme | Spoon’s Zima bottles from 1994 | Rachel has a present for the guys | Drunk Workers Can’t Be Fired | Lindemans Pêche | Lindemans Kriek | Plan your next party with a Beer buying calculator! | CONTEST TIME! | Valley Vineyards Honey Mead | Chaucer’s Cellars Honey Mead

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3 Sons Dogs and Suds | Lindemans Framboise | Lindemans Pomme | DVD Empire | Peru’s High Court Rules Drunk Workers Can’t Be Fired | Lindemans Pêche | Beer Safari | Lindemans Kriek | Beer Buying Calculator | Valley Vineyards | SIDT Election Video from 2006 | Chaucer’s Cellars Honey Mead | Your Inner Vagabond | Photos from this episode

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This show proves that we drink it so you don’t have to!

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