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Goose Island Christmas Ale, Southampton IPA, Boulevard Dry Stout, Boulevard Pale Ale, Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat, Boulevard Lunar Ale

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Thanks to Justin for the show beers! | Goose Island Christmas Ale | Southampton IPA | Yinzer Vocab Lesson | Southampton and Pabst | Now YOU can sample beers with SIDT! | Boulevard Dry Stout | EP 47 Contest Winner | Iron City Layoffs | Straub and Vecenie Distributing start dating | Boulevard Pale Ale | sickpuppy’s take on Quaker Steak | stripper tips from SIDT | Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat | CONTEST TIME! | Boulevard Lunar Ale | SIDT on Twitter

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When we take more than a month off, the shakes settle in. Drink more beer.

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