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Hutch’s Ebenshire, Rogue Double Dead Guy, Great Lakes Nosferatu, O’Fallon Barrel Aged Smoke

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Welcome Wormy and Mind Bling | Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 | Hutch’s Ebenshire | Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club Brufest and SIDT as the Celebrity Judges | CONTEST TIME! | Addressing a comment from a Butternuts fan | Ashley Todd scandal uncovered | Rogue Double Dead Guy | Kip Winger gave spoon the finger | SIDT Free Beer Sampling at Jekyl and Hyde – October 30th | Coming Soon: Bitch Burgh! | Wormy plays with a knife | O’Fallon Barrel Aged Smoke from Groucho at The Beer Report | 2008 Podcast Awards | NEW SIDT Shirts! | Sober Tailgating

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Mind Bling | Burgh’s Eye View | Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 | Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club Brufest | Rogue Double Dead Guy | Jekyl and Hyde | Great Lakes Nosferatu | O’Fallon Barrel Aged Smoke | Podcast Awards | Sober Tailgating | Photos from this episode

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We have what you need to get drunk at a puppet show!

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