Episode 6

003 – The 666 Show

June 6th, 2006

22 mins 53 secs

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Rogue Dead Guy

Show Notes

  • Review of Rogue Dead Guy
  • Playing with the new equipment
  • Church of Satan
  • New SIDT moblog. Movin on over to flickr!
  • Music talk
  • sickpuppy vents about the whole 6/6/06 freaks
  • SIDT Theater presents – Satan at a drive-thru window


Rogue Dead Guy Ale | Church of Satan | SIDT’s Flickr page | SIDT on iTunes

Things we learned

  • Upon further review there is a possibility we had a bad batch of Rogue
  • Learning the new equipment will take time but damn it’s fun.
  • Satan goes to drive-thru windows?
  • Flipped a coin on if we’d publish this. If you don’t like it, blame Heads.

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