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Clarkeweizen, Black Cat Stout, Alaskan Summer Ale, Alaskan Amber, Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, Flatulent Monk Belgian Ale

Show Notes

Beers from Clarke | The power of aging beers you shouldn’t | Clarkeweizen | Spoon and sickpuppy enlighten you on the positive results of people bashing SIDT | Contest time! | Mikey Mason | Spoon explains why cooking with beer wont get your kids drunk | Fan mail from Neil about injustices being done to BrewDog Brewery | SIDT thank the Pittsburgh Penguins on a great season | special song written for sickpuppy | Alaskan Summer Ale | Alaskan Amber | Collaboration Not Litigation Ale | sickpuppy talks about his new Flatulent Monk Belgian Ale |


Winner of the 3 Sons Dogs & Suds t-shirt is Mikey Mason! For Episode 39’s prize package go to the contest page and win a 100pk of Delirium Tremens beer coasters and a Pittsburgh Pirates ballcap autographed by SIDT!


My Life as a Foodie | Clarkehead Brew | Clarkeweizen | Mikey Mason | Black Cat Stout | Brewdog story | BrewDog Brewery | Alaskan Summer Ale | Alaskan Amber | Alaskan Brewing Company | Collaboration Not Litigation Ale | Photos from this episode

Things we learned

Because you’re uneducated on alcohol doesn’t mean that the “community” has to coddle your children. If you get worked up about a video we make… disconnect from the internet and kill yourself. The Pens need SIDT as advisers for craft beer selection at the new arena.

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