Episode 50

032 – Love Stinks

February 13th, 2008

59 mins 48 secs

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Rogue’s Brutal Bitter, Erie Brewing Misery Bay IPA, Bells Two Hearted Ale

Show Notes

SIDT’s first of many BIG announcements this year | Drunk dialing | Rogue’s Brutal Bitter | Birthday Week | Spoon’s first ever trip to Long John Silvers | Misery Bay IPA | SIDT wins another award! | Official IPA Championship | Fridge Fright | The Drunken Polack | George Smyth’s 1 Minute Podcast | Bells Two Hearted Ale | My Big Redneck Wedding


Rogue’s Brutal Bitter | Misery Bay IPA | IPA Championship | Fridge Fright | Drunken Polack | One Minute How To | Big Foamy Head | Bells Two Hearted Ale | My Big Redneck Wedding

Things we learned

Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.”

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