About this Episode

Beers and Whiskey

Rebel Yell whiskey, Southern Tier Porter, Southern Tier IPA, Southern Tier Phin & Matts Extraordinary Ale and Southern Tier Tripel

Show Notes

  • Intro to the Gray Kangaroo
  • Filter #1
  • Filter #2 and Father Spoon makes a mess
  • A toast to Kenny
  • Filter #3
  • A toast to our podcast friends and JOE
  • Filter #4
  • A toast to Dan and Carl
  • Filter #5 and sickpuppy is drunk


Gray Kangaroo | Rebel Yell | Southern Tier Porter | Southern Tier IPA | Southern Tier Phin & Matts Extraordinary Ale | Southern Tier Tripel

Things we learned

  • We toast way too much but when you’re drinking hard liquor it’s par for the course.
  • Never chug hard liquor or drink out of a bowl… you will get drunk FAST.
  • Gray Kangaroo will even make gasoline drinkable (but we don’t condone it).

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