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BrewErie Beers:

Hefe Weizen, Uncle Jackson’s Blonde Ale, Hopness Monster IPA, Apparition Amber Ale, Major McNair’s Nut Brown Ale, One (Anniversary)

Day 1 – Welcome to the BrewErie

Chris Sirianni and Brewmaster Gary Burleigh | Hefe Weizen | The BrewErie | The Great International Beer Festival | Lesson in Erie brewing history | Uncle Jackson’s Blonde Ale | Hopness Monster IPA | Apparition Amber Ale | Clara the friendly ghost | Major McNair’s Nut Brown Ale | Gary gives insight on the hop shortage | One | Supporting the Pennsylvania brewers | The Beergarita! | BrewErie info | SIDT fans Dom and OJ

Day 2 – The Great International Beer Fest

Aaron Russell from Edinboro Beverage talks about Baltika and Hacker Pschorr | Roaming around the beer floor | Bill educates us on Ohio beer regulations | A need for more Dogfish Head in Erie | Becky from Erie Brewing Company | Chris from BrewErie sums up the afternoon session


Edinboro Beverage – 300 Mill St, Edinboro PA – 814.734.5997 | BrewErie | Erie Brewing | Should I Drink That? Store | Pictures from this episode

What We Learned

Beer plus tequila make a great margarita! Beer plus tequila plus sickpuppy equals a mess. Erie has the potential for being craft beer hot spot. The BrewErie staff is the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting!


There might be a video available in the next 2 weeks from this event! We’re reviewing it now to see if it’s worthy of your viewing and translate the drunkeneese.

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