About this Episode

SIDT takes on 3 Hours of Beer, Live Art and Music… but mostly beer!

Show Notes

Scott Smith from East End Brewing | Welcome to the Steel City Big Pour | Dale from Rivertowne Pour House | Jason from Mountain State Brewing | Justin from VooDoo Brewery | Randy from Marzoni’s | Brian Sprague from Sprague Farm Brew Works | We jump to the front of the line for the tapping of East End’s Black Strap | Mike Pound (the Beer Guy) from Go Magazine | SIDT Man on the street | Steel City Big Pour wrap-up


Construction Junction | East End Brewing | Rivertowne Pour House | Mountain State Brewing | VooDoo Brewery | Marzoni’s | Sprague Farm Brew Works | Go Magazine | Fat Heads | Pittsburgh T.R.A.S.H | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

All other beerfests should take notes on how Steel City Big Pour was done. This is the best time to be alive as a craft beer fan in Western PA.

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