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3 Lions Ale, DuClaw Bad Moon Porter, DuClaw Euphoria, Brewers Art Resurrection Ale

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sickpuppy roadtrips to Baltimore with Eric the Gin for crabs and brews | The Wharf Rat | 3 Lions Ale | sickpuppy vents his displeasure with Capital City Brewery | Spoon gets a drunken phonecall from sickpuppy on his way home | DuClaw Brewery | Bad Moon Porter | Spoon hates ADHD coffee drinkers | sickpuppy loves the DuClaw fem bartender | SIDT brings da Funk | Euphoria | sickpuppy and eric with hotel issues | Thirsty Dog Bar | John Stevens | Resurrection Ale | The Brewers Art | Podcast Awards results


The Wharf Rat | 3 Lions Ale | Capital City Brewing | DuClaw | Bad Moon Porter | Euphoria | Thirsty Dog Bar | John Steven| Resurrection Ale | The Brewers Art

Things we learned

SIDT is willing to drive anywhere to find great beers and Baltimore doesn’t get enough credit for the stellar brews available.

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