About this Episode

Our first episode!


Dos Equis, Tecate, Carta Blanca, Negra Modelo

Show Notes

  • Tequila toast to Griff
  • Mexican beer #1 – Dos Equis
  • Why people drink crap beer
  • Reasoning behind limes with mexican beer
  • Mexican beer #2 – Tecate
  • Spanish/Mexican beer history
  • Researching Tecate
  • Mexican beer #3 – Carta Blanca and the origin of Panther Piss
  • Mexican beer #4 – Negra Modelo
  • The Alcoholic Plant
  • More Negra love


Dos Equis Special Lager | Tecate | Carta Blanca | Negra Modelo

Things we learned

  • recording on a laptop and using a mic with 2 people is a bad idea. We’re shipping in new recording equipment as I type this.
  • Judge Dredd, or any Stalone movie actually, is only funny when you’re loaded
  • staying up until 4am recording a beer podcast when you have to be up at 8am is a BAD idea.
  • Newman’s Own Salsa w/a hint of Lime and Lime Tostitos are gifts from the gods.
  • If your beer has chunks, flush it.

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