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Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, Moor Porter, Summer of Lager, Captain Swain’s Extra Stout

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Sickpuppy’s road trip to Massachusetts | Whale’s Tale Pale Ale | SIDT at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 | Father Spoon puts an end to rumors about EP23 | The 649 Shot | Moor Porter | bacn! | Father Spoon thrashes Dark Crystal geeks | SIDT food poisoning at Red Robin | Summer of Lager gives us Tang Twang | Josh T should be cashier of the month | SIDT blows their stats out of the water | Father Spoon needs your help! | Captain Swain’s Extra Stout | Should I Drink That 2008 Calendar… We want you!

SIDT at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2

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Things we learned

Screw Capt. Morgan! SIDT sails with the Capt. Swain!

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