Episode 35

021 – Efes, what is a plethora?

July 11th, 2007

1 hr 11 mins 46 secs

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It’s nobody’s business but the turks!


Efes Pilsen, Efes Ice, Fici Bira, Efes Stong Dark, Efes eXtra

Show Notes

SIDT gets some love from local radio and I Heart PGH | Efes Pilsen | Nominate us for 3rd Annual Podcasting awards under Food and Drink | Spoon on the Wrestling Mayhem Show EP 74 | Not all Light Beers are created equal | Bitching about Coors new marketing plan from Beer Advocate article | Beer for Breakfast | Underage binge drinking article rant | Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 | Efes Ice | sickpuppy’s new venture, Should I Brew That | Fici Bira | Efes Stong Dark | sickpuppy’s gift from Big Foamy Head | Efes eXtra | Smooth, Turkish and domestic blend of a Camel Light | SIDT history is made! | Music from CRAP


WDVE Morning Show | I Heart PGH | Efes Brewing Company | Efes Pilsen | Podcasting Awards | Wrestling Mayhem Show | CRAP | Light Beer article from PG | Binge Drinking article from PG | Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 | Efes Ice | Should I Brew That? | Fici Bira | Efes Strong Dark | Big Foamy Head | Efes eXtra | RJ Reynolds Company | Gray Kangaroo | SIDT Store | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

Turks make malt liquor. Camel in one hand and brown paper bag in the other.

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