About this Episode

Father Spoon and sickpuppy versus 28 breweries in 3 hours plus interviews with the brewers!

Show Notes

Welcome to the Penn Brew Fest | Shawn from Erie Brewing | Spoon gets the real story behind Erie Brewing Hard Cock Ale | Ron and Dan give their thoughts | Matt Cole from Rocky River Brewing | Steve, Oliver and Mark exchange notes with SIDT | Eric from Ithaca Brewing | Brad from Flying Dog Brewery gives us a great review of his beers and craft beer appreciation | Rick from Penn Brewery sits down to talk beer and the Penn Brew Fest


Penn Brew Fest | Erie Brewing | Rocky River Brewery | Ithaca Brewing | Wild Goose Brewery | Flying Dog | Flying Dog MySpace | Penn Brewery | Fan Pictures section | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

28 Brewers in 3 hours is simply not enough time but we did it! There were 29 scheduled but Dogfish Head didn’t make it. They feared the DFH120 Chug legend! Our new quote… “Shut up and drink it!”

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