About this Episode

Arcadia Big Beer Series choke slam the SIDT gang into submission


HopMouth Double IPA, Big Dick’s Olde Ale, Cereal Killer, Shipwreck Porter

Show Notes

Intro from Arcadia’s Tim Suprise | Hopmouth Double IPA | Welcome back Javahead and newbie Dangeta (not Dangina) | Big Dick’s Olde Ale | Dangeta’s grandmother smells like and Olde Ale | Craft Beer Radio on their Big Dick’s | Adventures in drinking, fighting, stripping in your front yard and God driving you home | Cereal Killer | Shipwreck Porter slaps Dangeta in the face | SIDT’s Big Surprise for all of you!


Arcadia Brewing Company | HopMouth Double IPA | Big Dick’s Ole Ale | Craft Beer Radio EP 71 | Cereal Killer barleywine | Shipwreck Porter | Gray Kangaroo Personal Alcohol Filter | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

High alcohol beers plus 4 friends reuniting can only mean one thing… a trainwreck.

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