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Beer so good it’ll make you prrrrrr!


Fat Abby, Le Pas de Chat, Unibroue 16, Unibroue Quelque Chose, Brother Thelonious

Show Notes

Clarkehead Brewery and Dude Night | Fat Abby | Final pimping of the DFH 120 Chugging Challenge | Le Pas de Chat | Food Savers, God’s gift to shipping beer | Tom Brady, King of Contraceptives and spoon’s condom knowledge | Dude Night deserves a major award | Unibroue 16 | Unibroue Quelque Chose, worst beverage EVER on SIDT | New SIDT segment | sickpuppy music rant | Brother Thelonious | Closing music, Outcast from Pittsburgh’s own Sho Nuff


Clarkehead Brewery | Dude Night | Fat Abby | Le Pas de Chat | Unibroue 16 | Unibroue Quelque Chose | Brother Thelonious | Shonuff | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

Don’t ever think home brewers can’t hang with the big dogs. Belgian style beers can get you “zero to stupid” real quick.

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