About this Episode

Christmas party time in SIDT Studio A!


Kloster Winter-Traum, Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve, Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser, Weyerbacher Winter Ale

Show Notes

  • Holiday intro from Dr. Dirty
  • Kloster Winter-Traum
  • Christmas plans
  • Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve
  • What if Santa was pulled over?
  • Clarke from Dude Night
  • Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser
  • Spoon’s taking a hiatus… sickpup’s goin solo like Lionel Ritchie!
  • 3 Sons Dogs n Suds – host your own sampling and join the 80 Beers club.
  • SIDT Drinking Game: Drinking Driedle 161
  • Weyerbacher Winter Ale
  • SIDT MySpace page


Kloster Winter-Traum | Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve | Dude Night | Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser | Weyerbacher Winter Ale | SIDT on MySpace

Things we learned

  • Santa is a bitch
  • Beer doesn’t have to be only for Christmas to make you full of cheer.
  • Even Germans can’t make a good malt liquor.

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