About this Episode

Jekyl and Hyde on Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side hosts Episode 10 of SIDT.


Evil Eye, Old Nick, Belzebuth

Show Notes

  • Evil Eye
  • Are you drinking mullet beer?
  • Carmella from Jekyl & Hyde
  • Young’s Old Nick’s barleywine
  • Spoon’s apologies for fuckups in Episode 9 (pt 1,2,3)
  • Podcamp Pittsburgh recap
  • Upcoming events at Jekyl and Hyde
  • Soundman Mike feels spiffy
  • Belzebuth with bar patrons Keith and Tim
  • Daily Special at Jekyl and Hyde


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Things we learned

  • If you don’t have a good time at a Halloween themed bar… kill yourself.
  • 13% beer is good food… and screws you up REAL good.
  • chicks dig sickpuppy’s wardrobe

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