About this Episode

Part 2 of the Finger Lakes trilogy. Bring on Cooperstown!


Old Slugger, Nine Man, Benchwarmer, Strikeout Stout, Backyard IPA, Pride of Milford, Striker

Show Notes

  • Old Slugger
  • Nine Man Ale is ALLL HEAD
  • Ripley NY Adult Superstore – The Costco/Sams Club of porn
  • Donnie Iris is a big rock star
  • Benchwarmer
  • Strikeout Stout
  • sickpuppy on Guinness – the Budweiser of stouts
  • Backyard IPA
  • Pride of Milford and the new SIDT opener
  • sickpup is at hardcore odds with spoon and Intern Nick
  • contest award winner and SIDT will autograph anything you buy
  • Striker
  • Stay tuned for the final installment of Episode 9…


Cooperstown Brewing | Old Slugger | Nine Man | Benchwarmer | Strikeout Stout | Backyard IPA | Pride of Milford | Striker | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

  • We are the masters of marathon beercasting

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