Episode 141

113 – The Unearthly Dead Rise

June 17th, 2015

49 mins 27 secs

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Flying Dog Dead Rise Summer Ale, Southern Tier Unearthly IPA

Show Notes

BuBBy from Brain Gravy joins the show as we try to figure out why anyone would put Old Bay in their beer. Answer is simple. Why not? We also tackle one of the best IPAs in the land, Southern Tier Unearthly. Get your crab mallet and a helmet. This is a bumpy ride.

Music from Identity X | Flying Dog Dead Rise Summer Ale | Dead Rise Cookbook Vol. 2 | BrewDog is building a brewery in Columbus, OH | Pennsylvania has 203 recognized breweries by Brewers Association | The Depth Perception | Southern Tier Unearthly IPA | Miss Puss the craft beer drinking cat | Kings on the Hill


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