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Brooklyn Brewery brought their MASH series to Pittsburgh and SIDT was a part of the "Craft Beer Revolution" at Church Brew Works. Joining Fr. Spoon at the round table were Steve Hindy (Brooklyn Brewery), Matt Gouwens (Hop Farm Brewing Co), Scott Smith (East End Brewing Company), and Sean Casey (Church Brew Works).

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Your first craft beer | Should contracted beer be considered craft beer? | What IS craft beer? | Social networking and media impact on the craft beer industry | Could the quality of craft beer diminish due to quick funding through Kickstarter and other sites which make it easier for anyone to open shop? | Red Hook's Belgian Ale | How Hop Farm Brewing grows hops locally | Marketing beer | What makes Pittsburgh unique to craft beer? | Q & A | Photos from Craft Beer Revolution courtesy of Rodger Obley

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Brooklyn Brewery - Church Brew Works - East End Brewing - Hop Farm Brewing Company -


Since the event, Pittsburgh has grown to 21 breweries and 3 in planning. You can see the full list here.

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