Episode 127

099 – NOLA Browns, Blondes and Hop Monsters

February 26th, 2014

1 hr 33 mins 3 secs

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NOLA Brown, NOLA Blonde, NOLA Hopitoulas, NOLA Mecha Hopzilla

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Yearly reminder we hate Butternuts | NOLA Brewing Company | NOLA Brown | Spoon sounds off on "The Taste" and their craft beer fail! | NOLA Blonde | Brad doesn't believe the BA hype and thinks meh about Stein's Market & Deli | SPOON DOES SCIENCE! | NOLA Hopitoulas | ShuBrew in BCT | The Beer Guy | NOLA Mecha Hopzilla | Movie time with SIDT | Pittsburgh's best craft beer friendly movie theater - Hollywood Theater | Giant Eagle Market District Hoppy Hours with Great Lakes Brewing

Brewery Info NOLA Brewing Company ( website | Facebook | Twitter )

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