Episode 110

084 – North Country Brewing Company

August 9th, 2012

30 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

Sickpuppy travels to North Country Brewing Company to cover the 7th annual Slippery Rock Beer and Wine Fest and brings you exclusive news on the new production facility from Jim Hicks, the new Production Brewery Manager. Stay in touch with NCB on Twitter, Facebook and visit them online!

SIDT would like to personally thank Jim Hicks and the rest of the fine staff at NCB for their hospitality!

Show Notes

North Country Brewing | Slippery Rock Beer & Wine fest | Amazing history of the brewery and the building | Bring your your dead! | You drink, they give back to the community | Why are they called North Country? | Frog legs? Elk? Bison? Everything goes with their beer! | When a brewery dies, another is born | Kegs and cans n’at | Get yourself a pounder of NCB | Join Jim and our own Fr. Spoon at Bocktown's Local Fest for FREE SAMPLES on August 15th


Pics from the fest & new facility are on Facebook and Google +

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