Episode 109

083 – Cellar Rats will infest you

July 31st, 2012

1 hr 7 mins 59 secs

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Pride of Cleveland Pilsner, Rat Tail Ale, Black Rat Imperial Stout

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Sickpuppy is a traveling man | Cellar Rats Brewery | Pride of Cleveland Pilsner | Brewpubs in airports | Spoon’s macro streak comes to an end | Rat Tail Ale | Price gouging in craft beer prices | Rat Tail Ale |Cellar Rats has the best bottles for homebrewing | Slippery Rock Beer & Wine fest | RANT – Facebook, Twitter & Chick Fil A drama. Stupid people ahoy! | Black Rat Imperial Stout | The Ultimate Brewer’s hangout with Stone, Dogfish Head and Wil Wheaton | Congrats to ShuBrew for making their Kickstarter goal!

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