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Voodoo Brewery White Magick of the Sun, Voodoo Brewery Wynona’s Big Brown Ale, Voodoo Brewery Voodoo Love Child

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Matt Allyn from Voodoo Brewery | Voodoo Brewery White Magick of the Sun | Keeping it local | Explaining the ridiculous PA brewing licensing | No matter what you do, you’re purchasing beer illegally | Matt’s favorite beer | Wynona’s Big Brown Ale | Cardboard? cat piss? Hey that’s not a bad thing! | Expanding the brewery and hot dogs taken to the next level | Voodoo Love Child | Sickpuppy vs Justin Dudek in the ULTIMATE STUPID HOT CHALLENGE | growing hops | Upcoming appearances by Voodoo | Sickpuppy’s SUPERMEGAKICKASS beer week event at Dive Bar & Grille for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week | Untappd users love Voodoo | Voodoo Brewery on Twitter & Facebook | Piper’s Pub is pseudonymous with cask

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